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​​​PacPro Modular Software

Pacpro is an All-in-one modular product which incorporates facilities to handle Pay Day Loans with chequesThird Party, Pay Day Loans with Debit Card, Pawnbroking, BuyBacks,Sales, Gold,Stock Control, Cheque Reading and Bar Coding.

Further facilities are available which make use of the Internet and Web services, which allows the user to keep in easy communication with the customer by email and text messaging.

​This software is available for either single user or multi-user and multi-shop environments. Multi-user PacPro may be on a local area network or Hosted/Managed service. Select the Modules to match your needs.

Reporting is available in summary or breakdown, from workstation to shop or Back Office Management Accounts for allshops.




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Short Term Pay Day Loans
Payment by Debit Card

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Third Party Cheque Cashing
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Comprehensive software. Explore the facilities
Debt Recovery and Collection
Ne​w Legislation focuses on Responsible Lending which encompasses compassionate Debt Recovery and Collection. Software addresses Inhouse Collections Dept or Business to Business as a Business Opportunity
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Greater than the sum of the parts
"Cheques & Change originally purchased Chequers and Pals in 1997 and upgraded to full PacPro with all modules, in 7 of our shops. In our 8th shop we installed the modules best suited to meet the needs of our new Buyback shop, choosing to purchase the Buyback, Purchase and Sales modules. This has given us the advantage of setting up a client once and monitoring their transactions for every service in which they are active.   Risk Analysis is essential in this fast moving market. We now have the ability to use web services and internet to profile and keep in touch with our clients more effectively."

Mark Sumpter Cheques and Change, Bristol
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eXchange - Bureau de Change
Keenly Priced easy to use
Financial and Management Reporting.
Comprehensive Daily and Date ranged reports
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